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How to say yes in spanish?

How to say yes in spanish?

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From source: Routledge. p. 111. ISBN 978-0-415-12096-8. Mark H Nodine (2003-06-14). "How to say "Yes" and "No"". A Welsh Course. Cardiff School of Computer Science, Cardiff…

From source: Ali Sunal’ın rol aldığı". "Ja, Bewindsman". 23 March 2009. Retrieved 23 March 2009. "Yes Prime Minister to make stage…

From source: who only says "yes ma’am, no ma’am" could receive the award. "Yalitza Aparicio is racially attacked by Mexican actor". El Universal (in Spanish). 18 February…


According to the source from, How to say yes in Spanish Spanish Translation sí More Spanish words for yes sí particle yeah, yea, aye, yep, ay decir sí verb yes si noun, conjunction yes, si, once, supposing, B ¡Sí yes sueste noun yes, southwester, sou’wester ¿si yes Find more words! yes See Also in English yes of course sí, por supuesto yes and no si y no yes or no si o no

Sharing a hint from, Of course, one of the first words you’ll learn (and likely already know) is the most common word for yes in Spanish: sí. Now, sí is the most versatile word for saying yes, so you’ll hear it often as you begin to speak more Spanish. However, there are plenty more words to communicate a positive response, and sí may not always be the best choice.

If you read from, Spanish Pronunciation Cheat Sheet yes ( yehs ) adverb 1. (affirmation) a. sí Do you want coffee? – Yes, but just a little bit.¿Quieres café? – Sí, pero solo un poquito. interjection 2. (affirmation) a. sí Yes! I knew I was right! ¡Sí! ¡Sabía que tenía razón! noun 3. (affirmation) a. el sí (M)

It is inferred from, If you want to know different ways to say “YES” in Spanish you’re on the right place. In this lesson you’ll learn more than 15 ways to say “YES” in Spanish, …

A post published in, say yes ( sey yehs ) phrase 1. (imperative) a. di que sí (informal) (singular) Even if you don’t want to do it, say yes.Aunque no quieras hacerlo, di que sí. b. diga que sí (formal) (singular) Miss, would you like to go out with me tonight? Say yes.¿Señorita, quisiera salir conmigo esta noche? Diga que sí. c. digan que sí (plural)

It is learnt from a blog, ¡A huevo! is a very informal way to say yes in Spanish. Depending on the context, this word could be translated as ‘heck, yeah’, ‘yes’ and ‘of course’. This expression could be used as a way to respond to a proposal as well as to show agreement with a previous statement. With this meaning, ‘a huevo’ or ‘ahuevo’ is more common among young people.

It is understood from sites like, 1. (talking about another thing or person) a. Sí, así es. Is this Balmes Street? – Yes, it is.¿Es esta la calle Balmes? – Sí, así es. 2. (talking about oneself) a. Sí, soy yo. I’m calling from the police department. Is this Mrs. Robbins? – Yes, it is. Llamo del departamento de policía. ¿Es usted la señora Robbins? – Sí, soy yo.

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I had gone through, 1-Claro (que sí) You can use claro, literally meaning “Clear” of claro que si to make it more of a statement, when something is clear in Spanish is an affirmative way to say of course. something that it is understood correctly. If your friend asks you if you could buy wine on your way to his you will say “claro, hay una tienda en el …


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