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How to say time in spanish?

How to say time in spanish?

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According to the source from, Telling Time with Ser. There are several useful formulas you can learn to help you tell the time with ser in Spanish.. One O’Clock. You can use these formulas for talking about la una (one o’clock), the only hour used with the third person singular form of ser.The following can all be used to say It’s ___ o’clock or It’s (hour) (minute).. es + la + una (+ number of minutes)

Sharing a hint from, Here’s how Spanish time works when you need to indicate the exact number of minutes that have past from the hour. The simplest formula is es/son + las + hour + number of minutes. For example, if you want to say that it’s 3:29, you’ll say son las tres veintinueve.

If you read from, Spanish words for time include tiempo, vez, momento, hora, cronometrar, tiempos, época, medir el tiempo, plazo and ocasión. Find more Spanish words at!

It is inferred from, In Spanish when telling the time, we use the verb ser(to be) as in English when saying: “It is …. o’clock.” To tell the time in Spanish : On the hour. 1 o’clock, uses the singular form, es (it is). Es la una (hora).

A post published in, Telling Time In Spanish: The Main Structure. We use the verb SER (“to be”) to tell time in Spanish. We say: Es la una… (one is singular) Son las dos/tres/cuatro…. (Two / Three etc. they are plural)

It is learnt from a blog, There is no single way to say “time” in Spanish! Here are some of the most common words for “time” in Spanish that you might come across. 1. Past, Present, Future ( El tiempo) Anytime you want to reference time in general el tiempo is the best word to use. This word talks about time itself: the past, present, and future.

It is understood from sites like, Spanish Translation. qué hora. More Spanish words for what time. a qué hora. what time. ¿a qué hora. what time.

Source:, Basic Rules for Telling Time in Spanish. The basic way of telling time in Spanish is to use the singular form of ser (“to be”), which is es, for one o’clock and the plural form, son, for other times. Minutes can be stated simply by separating them from the hour using y, the word for “and.” Es la una. (It is 1:00.) Es la una y dos. (It is 1:02.)

I had gone through, Buy the Telling Time Packet here: for more Spanish videos: http://…

Hinted from, To say “on a certain day” use the definite article el: Me voy el lunes. I leave on Monday. Me voy el tres de abril. I leave on April 3. Notes on Times and Dates in Spanish. Of the 21 Spanish-speaking countries in the world, only the U.S., Mexico, Spain, Chile, Paraguay, and Uruguay participate in Daylight Savings Time.


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