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How to say thank you in spanish?

How to say thank you in spanish?

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Vendor Sharon Sherpa on making connections: ‘The best words to say in any culture are “thank you.”’

According to, Gregarious and warm, Real Change Vendor Sharon Sherpa has an effervescent energy that inspires and motivates those around her. Sharon works every day to build up those around her,

How to bargain courteously and effectively

According to, You don’t bargain for steak or eggs at the checkout line in Morocco,” says Salvador Ordorica, chief executive of the Spanish Group, an online document-translation service. Do expect to bargain in marketplaces,

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According to the source from, Translate Thank you. See authoritative translations of Thank you in Spanish with example sentences and audio pronunciations.

Sharing a hint from, (Thank you, my friend, for everything you give me.) Sobre todo, te doy las gracias por hacerme muy feliz. (Above all, I give you thanks for making me very happy.) Estas gracias son también para todos vosotros. (These thanks are also for all of you.) ¡Un millón de gracias a nuestros patrocinadores! (A million thanks to our sponsors!)

If you read from, Here are the most basic ways to thank someone: Gracias (GRAH-seeahs) means ‘thanks’ or ‘thank you’ Muchas gracias (MOO-chahs GRAH-seeahs) means ‘thanks a lot’ or ‘thank you very much’ Muchísimas…

It is inferred from, “Gracias” is the most common and simple way to say thank you in Spanish. It translates to either “Thanks” or “Thank you” and, although it’s included in this informal section, it can be used in both formal and informal settings. Muchas gracias ( Thank you very much) If you want to add a bit of enthusiasm to your “thank you”, this is the way to go.

A post published in, Writing A More Formal Thank You 1 Write “I am grateful”. “I am grateful” in Spanish is written as “estoy agradecido” if you are male, or “estoy agradecida” if you are female. 2 Write “thank you in advance”. The phrase “thank you in advance” is written as “con gracias anticipadas” in Spanish. 3 Write “thank you sir” or “thank you madam”.

It is learnt from a blog, Learn 3 ways to say thank you in Spanish! Download TONS of FREE PDF lessons to learn Spanish twice as fast! ↓ Check How Below ↓Step 1: …

It is understood from sites like, To show your thanks, you’ll need to say muchísimas gracias, or mil gracias. Muchísimas gracias, Carla. Puedo llegar a casa fácilmente ahora. Thanks a lot, Carla. I can get home easily now. Mil gracias por ayudarme. Ahora, puedo conducir a casa. Thank you very much for helping me. Now I can drive home. Do we use por or para with the word gracias?

Source:, 1. Thank you very much; your support is greatly appreciated. Muchas gracias; su apoyo es muy apreciado. 2. We would like to express our gratitude. Nos gustaría expresar nuestra gratitud. 3. I am most grateful for your support. Estoy muy agradecido por su apoyo.

I had gone through, Muchas gracias – Thank you very much / Thanks a lot Muchas gracias is the direct translation of ‘thank you very much’ or ‘thanks a lot’. Therefore, this is one of the most common ways to say ‘thank you’ in Spanish. ‘Muchas gracias’ can be used both in formal and informal contexts. ¡Qué bonita blusa! Muchas gracias, má What a beautiful blouse!

Hinted from, “Gracias de todos modos” is a way to say “thank you” in Spanish when things don’t go your way, but you still want to be polite. Its English equivalent is “thanks anyway”. “Sé que no me quedé con el trabajo, pero aprecio la oportunidad de que me tomaran en cuenta.


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