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How to say stop in spanish?

How to say stop in spanish?

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According to the source from, stop Noun 1. (halt) a. la parada (F) to put a stop to something poner fin a algo to come to a stop detenerse 2. (aut) a. stop sign (señal de) stop m 3. (pause; in work, journey) a. la parada (F) 4. (of plane) a. la escala (F) to make a stop parar, detenerse ten minutes’ stop una parada de diez minutos 5. (stopping place) a. la parada (F)

Sharing a hint from, How to Say ‘Stop’ in Spanish: Alto Alto means “halt.” The expression entails an abrupt stop or suspension of an activity or movement. In some Spanish-speaking countries, alto is the word printed on stop signs, while in others it is pare. Unlike other stop synonyms, this term is always a command. ¡Alto! Freeze! ¡Alto ahí! Stop there!

If you read from, If you want to say “stop” in Spanish, start with the verb parar, which means “to stop,” and the related noun parada. [1] Method 1 Conjugating the Verb “Parar” Download Article 1 Use the infinitive parar to say “to stop.” Just as in English, you may also have situations where you would use the infinitive in Spanish.

It is inferred from, So, how do you say ‘stop’ in Spanish? Parar, detener and alto are all words that mean “stop” in Spanish. Parar and detener are verbs; therefore, are almost always interchangeable. Alto means stop, but it’s closer to the word ‘halt’ and it’s used for formal commands like on a stop sign.

A post published in, Depends on the situation but para is the informal command form of stop, while pare is the formal command of stop. For like stop signs (on the road) you will always see alto If you want to tell someone to stop doing something, you would use the verb dejar For example: dejame solo or dejame hablar (leave me alone, let me talk) updated SEP 13, 2009

It is learnt from a blog, Translate Stop in spanish. See Spanish-English translations with audio pronunciations, examples, and word-by-word explanations.

It is understood from sites like, La palabra del día es (The word of the day is) STOP. Learn how to say, STOP in Spanish!Follow Me On:Facebook www.twi…

Source:, How Do You Say ‘Stop’ In Spanish-Alto Learn How Do You Say ‘Stop’ In Spanish-AltoBe able to say Stop! In SpanishThe Spanish Dat…

I had gone through, To stop = Dejar, parar, detener. Stop talking! = ¡Deja de hablar!, ¡Para de hablar!. (¡Cállate! = Shut up!, ¡Silencio! = Silence!) Stop the car! = ¡Para el carro!, ¡Detén el carro! updated FEB 18, 2012 edited by farallon7 posted by farallon7 1 vote If you’re speaking to a group of people, you could say “todos a callar!”


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