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How to say sorry in spanish?

How to say sorry in spanish?

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According to the source from, Quería disculparme por…. – ‘I would like to apologise for…’. If you have made a mistake, perhaps at work, you’ll find this phrase useful. Instead of saying lo siento, you can say quería disculparme por. This phrase means ‘I would like to apologise for…’. Combine this with fue mi culpa, and you can start to emphasise how sorry …

Sharing a hint from, disˈkulpe mj ɛˈroɾ. diss-cool-pah me eh-roar. Quick yet genuine apology for a mistake you made. Sorry for the late reply. Disculpe la tardanza. disˈkulpe la taɾˈðãnsa. diss-cool-pah la tar-dan-za. Formal way to apologize for the delay, either in sending something or being late yourself.

If you read from, 1. (repentant) a. arrepentido. She said she was sorry she didn’t invite me to the wedding.Dijo que estaba arrepentida de no haberme invitado a la boda. 2. (deplorable) a. lamentable. Her ex-boyfriend left her in such a sorry state.Su ex-novio la dejó un estado lamentable. interjection. 3. (used to express regret)

It is inferred from, Lo siento ( I’m sorry) Just like “ perdón ”, “ lo siento ” is both common and can be used in various situations to say “sorry” in Spanish. However, “ lo siento ” extends to even more usages. As we’ll see later on in this article, this phrase can also be used to show you are sorry for someone’s loss. If you are feeling …

A post published in, 2- Lo siento. Lo siento is another common way to apologize in Spanish, and is usually the first one you learn when starting to learn Spanish, because it’s not as limited in meaning as the word perdón. It literally means “I feel it” and it translates to “ I’m sorry .”. It can be used in a much wider sense than the word perdón: You …

It is learnt from a blog, phrase. 2. (imperative; used to address one person) a. pide perdón. (informal) (singular) What you did was wrong. Say sorry.Lo que hiciste no estuvo bien. Pide perdón. b. pide disculpas.

It is understood from sites like, This Spanish word translates to the English phrase “forgive me”, it is an informal way to say “sorry” in Spanish. You can use it in exactly the same way that you would use “disculpa”. 9. Disculpe. Pronunciation gude: dees-kool-ph. This Spanish word is considered a formal way to say “I’m sorry” in Spanish.

Source:, Perdón – Sorry / Excuse me. Una disculpa – My apologies. Pedir perdón / pedir disculpas – To be sorry for. Disculpar – To forgive / To apologize / To say sorry for. Saying sorry or asking for forgiveness in Spanish can be very useful. So, I’ve compiled a list of 5 common ways to apologize to someone in Spanish.

I had gone through, I will teach you 8 ways you must know to apologize in Spanish. There are many ways to say “I am sorry” in Spanish. You can say “perdón” “disculpa” “lo siento…

Hinted from, Perdonar. Perdón. 3 Other Ways to Apologize in Spanish. “My Apologies” in Spanish. “I Owe You an Apology” in Spanish. Te Pido Disculpas and Te Pido Perdón. How to Forgive in Spanish. Say That You Are Sorry in Spanish. Even if it is a hard task, learning how to correctly say “sorry” in Spanish is important.


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