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How to say nice to meet you in spanish?

How to say nice to meet you in spanish?

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According to the source from, In Spanish, there are different expressions to say nice to meet you. Some of the most common ones include: Mucho gusto – Nice to meet you. Encantado de conocerte – Pleased to meet you. Es un placer – It’s a pleasure. He escuchado mucho sobre ti – I have heard so much about you. ¡Qué tal!

Sharing a hint from, nice to meet you ( nays tuh mit yu ) phrase 1. (general) a. mucho gusto Hi! My name is Patricia. – Nice to meet you, Patricia. I am Saul.¡Hola! Me llamo Patricia. – Mucho gusto Patricia, yo soy Saúl. b. encantado Javier, this is my girlfriend Rosa. – Nice to meet you, Rosa.Javier, esta es mi novia Rosa. – Encantado, Rosa.

If you read from, d. encantado de conocerla. (formal) (singular, feminine) It is nice to meet you, Mrs. Thompson. My brother told me a lot about you.Encantado de conocerla, señora Thompson. Mi hermano me habló mucho de ti.

It is inferred from, Today we will learn How to say Nice To Meet You IN SPANISH.There a few ways you can actually say Nice To Meet You IN SPANISH, and I’ll cover the most common…

A post published in, English. Lucas: Nice to meet you, Juan. Juan: Likewise, Lucas. First of all, you have to take into account your gender. If you identify as male, you will say Encantado, and if you identify as female, you will say Encantada . As you may know, in Spanish there are two pronouns for the singular second person.

It is learnt from a blog, phrase. 1. (used as a eply in introductions) a. igualmente. Nice to meet you, Jeff. – Nice to meet you too, James.Un placer conocerte, Jeff. – Igualmente, James. 2. (used to address one person) a. un gusto conocerte también. A word or phrase used to refer to the second person informal “tú” by their conjugation or implied context (e.g.

It is understood from sites like, Learn Spanish as spoken in Latin America with One Minute Languages!In lesson 7 you’ll learn to say that it’s nice to meet someone. Click “Show More” to see t…

Source:, Translate Hello, nice to meet you.. See 2 authoritative translations of Hello, nice to meet you. in Spanish with example sentences and audio pronunciations.


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