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How to say hello in russian?

How to say hello in russian?

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According to the source from, The most common way to say hello in Russian is Здравствуйте (ZDRASTvooytye), but there are more details you need to know in order to navigate all the likely social encounters. The most important thing to remember is that the way you say hello in Russian depends on who you are speaking to. Russian has two main registers: formal and informal.

Sharing a hint from, Say zdravstvujtye (zdrah-stvooy-tee) to strangers. Zdravstvujtye is the formal way to say “hello” in Russian. If you’re greeting someone you don’t already know, start with a formal greeting – especially if they’re older than you, or in a position of authority. [1] If you don’t know how to roll your “R”s, you may want to practice.

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It is inferred from, Basic Russian phrases – How to say Hello and Hi in Russian?”600 Real Russian phrases for everyday life” – FREE Russian cou…

A post published in, The most common way to informally say hello in Russian amongst friends and family or colleagues of similar age and status is Привет (Privet), meaning “ hello ” or “hi.” Among Russian men, you often hear the slightly more rough-sounding Здорово (Zdorovo), generally followed by a firm handshake.

It is learnt from a blog, This is the most common informal word for hello in Russian. It’s a lot more simple to pronounce, and you can use it everywhere you would use the English ‘hi’. Прив е тик (privyetik) Приветик is the diminutive form of Привет. You can most often hear it from kids or girls, or from adults saying it to kids. Алл о (Allo)

It is understood from sites like, Formal “Hello” in Russian – Здравствуйте (Zdravstvuyte) If you don’t want to risk saying something out of place, it’s a good idea to always use this greeting: Здравствуйте (Zdravstvuyte) It’s funny how such a simple thing as “hello” can be such a difficult word in the Russian language.

Source:, An informal way to say Hello in Russian — Здрасьте (Zdraste) Female way of greeting — Приветик (Privetik) Phone greeting — Алло (Allo) Male greeting — Здорово (Zdorovo) Good Morning in Russian — Доброе утро (Dobroe utro) Good Afternoon in Russian — Добрый день (Dobryy den) Good Evening in Russian — Добрый вечер (Dobryy vecher)

I had gone through, In this video we’ll talk about the ways of greeting people in Russian. Thank you for watching! ️ ️ ️⭐️ FOLLOW ME ⭐️ ∙ Instagram:…


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