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How to say hello in korean?

How to say hello in korean?

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According to the source from, The standard way to say “hello” in Korean, used between adults who don’t know each other, is 안녕하세요 (an-nyeong-ha-se-yo). If you’re speaking to friends and relatives, there are more informal greetings you can use. There are also other words and phrases you can use to greet people depending on the context and the time of day. [1] Method 1

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If you read from, #1 안녕하세요 ( annyeong haseyo) – “Hello” in Korean (formal) “Hello” in Korean literally means “to do peace/well-being”. It’s used as both a question and an answer almost as though asking “Are you doing well?” and replying 네, 안녕하세요 ( ne, annyeong haseyo, “yes, I’m doing well”).

It is inferred from, Generally, there are three ways to say Hello in Korean: The formal way 안녕하십니까 (annyeonghasimnikka) , the standard way 안녕하세요 (annyeonghaseyo), and the informal way 안녕 (annyeong) . When it comes to Korean greetings, it’s best to use the standard way in most situations because you can use it for almost everyone.

A post published in, The basic way to say “hello” in Korean is 안녕 [annyeong]. This is the informal hello. But just because it’s the most basic form doesn’t mean it’s always appropriate to use. 안녕 [annyeong] indicates a certain level of closeness between the speakers. It’s most commonly used among friends and family members.

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It is understood from sites like, Learn all the formal and slang ways to say “hello” in Korean: to Korean? The best way to start speaking is…

Source:, There are three common ways of saying “hello” in Korean based on formality levels: 녕하십니까 ( annyeong hasimnikka) – formal 안녕하세요 ( annyeong haseyo) – standard 안녕 ( annyeong) – informal 안녕 ( annyeong) is the casual way to say “hello” in Korean and is only used when talking to someone you’re close with or someone who’s younger than you.


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