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How to say hello in french?

How to say hello in french?

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According to the source from, The most common way to say “hello” in French is “bonjour” (bohn-zhuhr). However, as in any language, there are many different ways to greet people in French depending on the context and your familiarity with the person. [1] Cheat Sheet Sample Ways to Say Hello in French Method 1 Greeting Strangers Download Article 1

Sharing a hint from, How to say hello in French. Bon jour. Hello. Bon jour. Hello. Bon jour. Hello. Now you try. If you’re answering the phone, you can also say allô. Allô. Hello Allô. Hello Allô. Hello. Now you try….

If you read from, The three most common ways to say hello in French are “Bonjour!” (Hello, pronounced bɔ̃ʒuʀ), “Salut!” (Hi, pronounced saly) and “Bonsoir!” (Good evening, pronounced bɔ̃swaʀ). There are also lots of slang greetings such as “Coucou!” (Hi!) and “Quoi de neuf?” (What’s new?). Keep reading to discover the many fun ways to say hello in French.

It is inferred from, 1 – Bonjour: the Most Common Way to say hello in French Saying “ bonjour ” has to be the most common way of saying hello in French. And it’s usually accompanied by a “bisous à la française” – a kiss on the cheeks – or a firm hand shake. Note we do not hug in France when we greet each other. 2 – A Polite Way to Say Hello in French

A post published in, Firstly, how do you actually say “hello” in French? The most common greeting in French is the very useful “bonjour”, and “bonsoir”. The first can be used throughout the day, and the second in the evening. “Salut” is also widely used in a more informal setting.

It is learnt from a blog, How to say hello in French French Translation bonjour More French words for Hello! Bonjour! interjection Hi!, Good morning!, Good afternoon!, how do you do?, Hallo! Salut! interjection Hi!, Salute!, All the best!, Hallo!, Hullo! Tiens! interjection Hallo!, Hullo!, Why! Allô! interjection Hullo!, Hallo! salut noun

It is understood from sites like, The Formal Way to Say Hello in French In formal situations, use bonjour in conjunction with monsieur and madame. When addressing multiple people the phrase to use is bonjour mesdames et messieurs. Rebonjour: “Hello Again” in French If you have already greeted someone and are passing them again, rebounjour is the way that you would say hello.

Source:, Another way to say “Hello” in French is by saying “ Ça va? ” which translates to “How are you doing?” This is a casual greeting and no “Bonjour” or “Salut” before it is necessary, especially if addressing a friend, family, close acquaintance, or colleague. It is pretty standard to say “ Ça va? ” in France and it is also considered more polite.

I had gone through, If you want to say “good evening” in French, typically after sunset, use bonsoir. You may hear French speakers using a word that sounds remarkably like “hello,” but it’s actually allo and it’s the…


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