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How to say good morning in french?

How to say good morning in french?

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French Expression of the Day: De bonne heure

According to, The most common French synonym of this phrase would simply be “tôt” which means early. It can also be used to describe something that happens early in the morning … a pun? Say this phrase …

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According to, French press coffee is easy to make but can be tedious to clean after. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that way.

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According to the source from, If you would like to say “good morning” to a married woman, say “bonjour madame.” To say “good morning” to an unmarried woman, you can say “bonjour mademoiselle,” which is like saying “Good morning, miss!” in English. You could also say “bonjour monsieur” to say “Good morning, sir!” If you want to address a crowd, say “bonjour à tous,” meaning “Good morning, everyone!” To learn about other greetings in French, read on!

Sharing a hint from, Bonjour, papa good morning dad; Bonjour, mamie good morning, grandma; Bonjour, papie good morning, grandpa; Saying good morning to kids and students. When adults address kids, they will often follow “bonjour” by the corresponding term. Bonjour les enfants good morning, children; Bonjour, ma fille saying good morning to a daughter

If you read from, Bon matin is a very Anglicised way to say “good morning” in French, and isn’t widely recognised as an appropriate morning greeting if you are in France. However, if you are visiting Quebec, it is absolutely fine to use this phrase. Conclusion. If you are ever unsure of how to say “good morning” in French, then it is best to stick with what you know and use bonjour or salut. Both of these words are widely used and accepted in French as ways to greet someone in the morning.

It is inferred from, There is another method of saying good morning in french: “bon matin,” pronounced bon mah-teen. However, though this is a literal translation of “good morning,” it is not typically used in France. It’s an Anglicization, or Anglicisme, that works as a literal translation but that isn’t commonly heard. However, bon matin may be heard more frequently in Québécois French, the variety of French spoken in Canada.

A post published in, Salut is one way of saying “good morning” in French. It has an informal tone and register and should be reserved for addressing friends and family. The English equivalent would be a casual “Hi”. When using salut, think of it this way: if you know the person well, you can use salut to greet them.

It is learnt from a blog, “Bonjour” – The Classic “Good Morning” in French “Bon Matin” – “Good Morning,” but Only in Canada “Bonsoir” and “Bonne Soirée” – What’s the Difference? “Salut” – Casual and Fun “Comment Ça Va ?” – When You Want to Avoid a Traditional Greeting; Sound More Natural When Saying Good Morning in French; Final Thoughts on French “Good Morning”

It is understood from sites like, Good Morning in French — The Basics. Saying “Good Morning” in French is pretty easy: you simply say “bonjour“. Pronunciation : Say it as bon-ZHOUR, and make sure that the second syllable is emphasized. Note that the “ZH” sound is like a soft “J”. (Like the “g” in “rouge” or in the English words “massage” or”garage”)).

Source:, Rules for pronunciation: Pronounce it bon-ZHOUR. The emphasis is on the second syllable. The “ZH” sound is like a soft “J”. (Think the “g” in “rouge”). How to pronounce “Good morning in French” — Bonjour. Probably the most important thing to know is that tone is everything. You can say bonjour in any number of ways.

I had gone through, How to say good morning in French. good morning. French Translation. bonjour. More French words for good morning. bien le bonjour. good morning. bon matin.

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