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How to say fuck in german?

How to say fuck in german?

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German Lyric Poetry vs. French

According to, If the best French lyric poetry of modern days has indisputably a charm of refinement and delicate beauty all its own, the best of the German has an inveterate earnestness and a depth of feeling that endear it to all who have really come into its world.

The Theater of Ignorance

According to, The Living Theater began life nearly twenty years ago in a loft near Columbia, the creation of a young couple named Julian and Judith (Malina) Beck, who were, and are, very passionately involved with questions of social justice,

From source: Fuck for Forest (FFF) is a non-profit environmental organisation founded in 2004 in Norway by Leona Johansson and Tommy Hol Ellingsen. It funds itself…

From source: warship, go fuck yourself", originally spoken in Russian, was the last communication made during the February 2022 Russian attack on Snake Island in Ukraine’s…


According to the source from, How to say fuck in German German Translation Scheiße More German words for fuck ficken verb screw der Fick noun fuck bumsen verb ball, screw, shag, bang, thump vögeln verb screw stoßen verb butt, push, bump, jerk, thrust, poke Find more words! fuck See Also in English fuck off verb Verpiss dich, sich verpissen fuck about verb rumgammeln, verarschen

Sharing a hint from, fuck-all vulg 1 n einen Scheiß sl he knows fuck-all about it er hat null Ahnung inf it’s got fuck-all to do with him einen Scheiß hat das mit ihm zu tun sl there was fuck-all to drink es gab nichts zum Saufen inf I’ve done fuck-all all day ich hab den ganzen Tag nichts geschafft gekriegt inf 2 adj attr

If you read from, How to say fuck it in German. fuck it. German Translation. Scheiß drauf. More German words for fuck it. Fick es. fuck it. scheißest aus.

It is inferred from, German. You can also use the english phrases 😉 You can also use the english phrases 😉 See a translation. 2 likes. Niclas. 27 May 2016. German. @Persephonee: Teenager also say fuck you and fuck off instead of the german words 🙂

A post published in, More German words for fuck off. sich verpissen verb. piss off. verpiss dich. fuck off. Verpissen.

It is learnt from a blog, ‘Fuck you” in German is “fick dich.” I think they’re actually 100% equivalent. Suilan Senior Member Germany (BW) Germany (NRW) Oct 11, 2007 #5 I think they’re actually 100% equivalent Actually, I’d say “Fick dich” is closer to: “Why don’t you go and fuck yourself.” But I’m not an expert on swearing. P Piotr_WRF Senior Member Poland Polish, German

It is understood from sites like, German Swear Words Arschgesicht Fuckface (lit. assface) Arschloch Asshole Fotze Cunt Miststück Bitch / Bastard Schlampe Slut Scheißkopf Shithead Sheisse Shit German Insults with Swear Words Fick dich Fuck you Fick dich, Schlampe Fuck you, bitch Deine Mutter geht in der Stadt huren Your mother goes whoring in the city

Source:, What it means: Aloha means hello and goodbye, and joder means “to fuck” as well as “to annoy, anger, piss off, or destroy.” One word says so much. One word says so much. How to say it …

I had gone through, English speakers raise their middle finger towards someone as a way to say “Fuck you!” without actually saying it. This is a gesture that is often casually thrown around, either jokingly or to mean serious offense. In German, there are three common offensive gestures: The A-OK Hand Sign

Hinted from, Ficken means to f*ck, mit jemandem ficken = to f*ck someone etc. Germans use ficken only in a sexual sense. Most f-expressions in English are translated using some form of Scheiß or Arsch . For example: Thank you for reading our quick guide on how to swear in German. German attitudes to swearing are far more relaxed compared to the US and the UK.


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