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How to make your iphone say something when you plug it in?

How to make your iphone say something when you plug it in?

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Simple iPhone hack will stop you from making the BIGGEST charging mistake

According to, You can make Siri speak out loud when you plug in your smartphone … These words are what Siri will say aloud, so consider adding something like ‘iPhone charge’. Now tap Next again, then turn …

Apple’s iPhone workaround doesn’t excuse bad MacBook webcams

According to, Your iPhone is now a hi-res webcam for your Mac. It’s neat! But that doesn’t mean Apple can excuse itself from a 720p webcam on a $1,300 laptop in 2022.

From source: with your headphones plugged in". The Verge. Vox Media. Retrieved December 7, 2016. Cooke, Henry (September 7, 2016). "Why Apple will ditch the iPhone headphone…

From source: release of iPhone OS 1 for the original iPhone on June 29, 2007. Since its initial release, it has been used as the operating system for iPhone, iPad, iPod…


According to the source from, Search for ‘ Speak Text ‘ and select it. Advertisement Step 6: After selecting the Speak Text action, tap the “ Text ” part and type whatever you want Siri to say when you plug the phone in. Now, tap on the ‘ Show More ‘ option and further configure the Speak Text action.

Sharing a hint from, You can take these steps to make your phone say something when you plug it in. After you go to Settings, click on General. This will take you to a page where you can change your settings for your phone. Scroll down and find “Accessibility” or “Speech” (depending on what type of phone you have) and click on it.

If you read from, After you have selected the ‘Speak Text’ action, tap on the ‘Text’ part adjacent to ‘Speak’ and type the desired text that you want Siri to say when you plug in your iPhone. When you have typed the text portion of the Siri automation, tap on the ‘Show More’ option under this text to get you more options to modify this Shortcut automation.

It is inferred from, If you want your iPhone to scream when you plug it in, tap “Is Connected.” If you want it to scream when it’s disconnected (which is much more disturbing), tap “Is Disconnected.” You can also choose both if you want. When you’re done, tap “Next.” Now, we’ll define the action that should take place when the charger is connected. Tap “Add Action.”

A post published in, How to Make your iPhone Talk When Plugged in? To make your iPhone talk when plugged in go ahead and 1.Find the Shortcuts app and then go to Automation tab at the bottom of the screen. 2.Now select Create Personal Automation. 3.Scroll down and select Charger and then is connected and click next upper right.

It is learnt from a blog, Scroll down the list of triggers, select “Charger,” then choose one of the following options depending on what you want to achieve: Check “Is Connected” only if you want Siri to speak when first charging. Check “Is Disconnected” only if you want Siri to speak when you stop charging.

It is understood from sites like, First, he instructed viewers to go to Settings and select Accessibility, which is in the third block of options below General, Control Center, and Display & Brightness. Then select Voice Control…

Source:, Go to the Automations tab. Select Create Personal Automation. Scroll to the bottom and select the Charger option. Select “Is Connected” or “Is Disconnected” to set the tone for when your phone is…

I had gone through, The sound your iPhone makes when you connect it to a power source has been the same for a long time. Unfortunately, it was never possible to change that chime to something different without jailbreaking first, which opens your iPhone up to malware and hackers.Thankfully, iOS 14 has changed that. The Shortcuts app allows you to run customized actions in the background, and its “Automation …


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