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How many periods in hockey?

How many periods in hockey?

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New To Hockey? Here’s A Crash Course On Rules And Terms You Might Hear With The Avalanche In The Stanley Cup Final

According to, The Avs are playing for the Stanley Cup! Are you just getting into hockey? Here’s a list of terms and rules you may see when you watch the games.

Canada Beats US 3-2 In Under-18 Women’s Hockey Title Game

According to, Mari Pietersen stopped 29 shots, including all 10 in the final period, and Canada hung on to win its sixth Under-18 women’s hockey world championship, beating the defending champion United States 3-2 on Monday night.

From source: sport is known simply as "hockey" in common parlance. However, in many countries, "hockey" usually refers to field hockey, except in some Northern areas of…

From source: such as in a gymnasium. There are many types of hockey. Some games make the use of skates, either wheeled, or bladed while others do not. In order to…

From source: Recreational hockey leagues may make modifications to certain aspects of the rules to suit local requirements (size of rink, length of periods and penalties)…


According to the source from, Hockey games always have three periods. At the NHL level, periods run for 20 minutes each. Recreational and youth hockey periods are usually between 15 and 20 minutes each. Games that are tied at the end of three periods go into overtime, which is a shorter period of extra time play.

Sharing a hint from, The NHL’s regular-season games are divided into three 20-minute periods. This has been the case in the NHL, and in other organizations like IIHF, for quite some time. Over a century ago, NHL games were divided into two 30-minute halves, but nobody left alive remembers those days.

If you read from, In the NHL, and other professional, high-level and international leagues around the world, hockey games feature three periods of play . Each period is 20 minutes long, which means a standard ice hockey game is 60 minutes long. If the game is tied, additional overtime periods (or a shootout) might take place.

It is inferred from, In a game of ice hockey is divided into three periods of twenty minutes each with two fifteen minute intermissions in-between the periods. If the game is tied at the end of three periods in the regular season, it is followed by a 5 minute overtime and then (possibly) a shootout.

A post published in, The game of hockey consists of three periods. After the first and second periods, there is an intermission which allows a break for the players and the ice rink to be resurfaced. This break usually lasts less than 20 minutes. How Long Are Periods in a Hockey Game? Both professional and college hockey periods consist of 20 minutes each.

It is learnt from a blog, There are 3 periods in a hockey game made up of 20 minutes each (or 60 minutes total). If the score is tied after sixty minutes, the game will extend to a 5-minute overtime period followed by a shootout. During the playoffs, teams will play sudden-death overtime to settle a tie which is also made up of 20-minute periods.

It is understood from sites like, Depending on the specific league, age and skill level of the players, most periods in rec hockey are between 10 and 20 minutes long. It’s very rare that you’ll find any league which plays periods longer than 20 minutes but it is possible.

Source:, In conclusion, a hockey game is divided into four periods of 20 minutes each. There is a 10-minute break between the periods or quarters. there are 2.5 minutes break after the first period. After the second period, there are 5 minutes which is also called half time. The last 2.5 minutes break is between the third and fourth periods.

I had gone through, However, in the early 1900s, a change was made and the NHL and many other leagues decided to adopt the three periods instead of two halves. The main reason this was made was due to ice quality. It became evident that it was much better to resurface the ice and clean it every 20 minutes as opposed to every 30.


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