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How do you say sit in spanish?

How do you say sit in spanish?

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According to the source from, sit ( siht ) intransitive verb 1. (to place oneself) a. sentarse Where are you going to sit at the concert? ¿Dónde te vas a sentar en el concierto? b. posarse (bird) A goldfinch came and sat on my windowsill.Vino un jilguero y se posó en el alféizar. 2. (to be located) a. estar sentado (person)

Sharing a hint from, How to say sit in Spanish Spanish Translation sentar More Spanish words for sit sentarse verb sit down, seat oneself, sit oneself sentar verb set, seat, lay down quedarse verb stay, remain, stick around, stay behind, tarry, hang on estar sentado verb chair actuar verb act, perform, play, proceed, appear posar verb pose, land, lay down posarse verb

If you read from, Please, sit. Te ves cansado. Por favor, siéntate. b. por favor, siéntese (formal) (singular) It is a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Fallon. Please, sit.Es un placer conocerlo, Sr. Fallon. Por favor, siéntese. 2. (used to address multiple people) a. por favor, siéntense (plural) We have a lot of work to do today, class.

It is inferred from, It’s a gift for letting me sit in your seat. Es un regalo por dejar que me siente en tu sitio. It’s a gift, for letting me sit in your seat. Un regalo por dejarme sentar en su lugar. But they sit in your seat. Pero es que se sientan en tu asiento. Go and sit in your seat. Ve a tu asiento. Go and sit in your seat.

A post published in, SUBSCRIBE for more Spanish videos: me on Facebook: me:…

It is learnt from a blog, How to say sit down in spanish. This is a one word phrase. Sientate informally or sientese formally.Did you forget to buy something?Spanish words and phrases…

It is understood from sites like, With tilde: siéntate. – Mokay, MAR 22, 2010 0 votes ¡Sientate! updated MAR 22, 2010 posted by Austin67427 0 votes sentar = to sit sientate= sit down you may need an accent mark in the first e. updated NOV 22, 2009 posted by ninozka 🚀 Remove ads


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