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How do you say mom in spanish?

How do you say mom in spanish?

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According to the source from, Say “mah” with no accent. The closest equivalent in Spanish to “mom” is probably “mamá”. Follow the steps in this section to pronounce this word. You’ll want to start with a “mah” sound. This nearly rhymes with the English word “raw.” 2 Say “MAH” with an accent. Now, say a slightly different “mah” sound (still rhymes with “raw”).

Sharing a hint from, How to Refer to Your Mom in Spanish mom ( mam ) noun 1. (colloquial) (relative) (United States) a. la mamá (F) (colloquial) I don’t know what to buy my mom for her birthday.No sé qué comprarle a mi mamá para su cumpleaños. b. la mami (F) (colloquial) Tell my mom I’m going out with my friends.Dile a mi mami que voy a salir con mis amigos. c. la ma

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A post published in, What’s the Spanish word for mom!? Here’s a list of translations. Spanish Translation ¡Mamá! More Spanish words for mom la mamá noun mum, mother, mama, mummy, momma Find more words! mom! See Also in English soccer mom mamá futbolista mom noun mamá Nearby Translations mom molybdenum Moluccas molting molten steel molten rock mom and dad mome moment

It is learnt from a blog, How to say mother in Spanish Spanish Translation madre More Spanish words for mother la madre noun parent las mamá noun mom, mum, mama, mummy, momma mimar verb pamper, spoil, coddle, indulge, cosset servir de madre a verb mother parir verb give birth, calve, bear, bring forth, foal, have prohijar verb mother dar a la luz verb litter

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Source:, Mamá is a standard Spanish word that we use to say ‘mom’. Although it’s not exactly a nickname, there’s no way your mom can be offended if you use this word to call her. Unlike other nicknames, ‘mamá’ can also be used when talking to other people about your ‘mom’. As a Spanish standard word, ‘mamá’ is the direct translation of ‘ mom’. ¡Mamá!

I had gone through, Flowery Words to Describe Your Mom in Spanish: 82 Singular Feminine Adjectives. In honor of Mother’s Day, it’s a lovely idea to use more flowery words to describe your mom in Spanish. To discuss your mother in the third person, the most basic sentence to use is. Mi mamá es __________. My mom is __________. To address your mom directly, use …

Hinted from, How to say your mom in Spanish. Spanish Translation. tu mamá. More Spanish words for your mom. tu mama: your mom: Find more words!


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