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How do you say hello in german?

How do you say hello in german?

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Origins of ‘hello’ debated

According to, I recently heard some interesting, if perhaps conflicting, information on the origins of the words “hi” and “hello.” According to one version, and I think the better story, if less credible, both words stem from at least the American Puritan days,

Say hello to encapsulated coffee flavor

According to, The concept is eye-catching: tiny black and orange capsules containing a single serving of pure Colombian coffee, crystallized and freeze-dried, that you can pour into a glass of either hot or cold water or milk.

From source: derives from the first lines: Hello Muddah, hello Fadduh. Here I am at Camp Granada. Camp is very entertaining. And they say we’ll have some fun if it stops…

From source: of the human beings." Although Jay-Z says American Gangster was inspired by the movie, songs such as "Say Hello" touch on the topics of censorship and…

From source: catchphrase ("Say hello to The Bad Guy") derive from Montana’s quotes: "Say hello to my little friend" and "Say goodnight to the bad guy". Later in his career…


According to the source from, “Grüß Gott” translates into “May God greet you,” and is considered a way to say hello to everyone in southern Germany, Bavaria or in Austria. It is a formal phrase to greet a stranger or a teacher. “Servus!” is another greeting you’ll only hear in the south of Germany or Austria, translating to “hello.” Tips

Sharing a hint from, #1 Hallo – “Hello” in German “Hello” in German is very similar to its English equivalent–it’s hallo. It can be used in both formal and informal situations, but if you’d like something slightly more formal, you can use… #2 Guten Tag – “Good day” in German, also “Good afternoon” in German Guten Tag is “good day” or “good afternoon” in German.

If you read from, How to say hello in German German Translation Hallo More German words for Hello! Hallo! interjection Hi!, Hey!, Howdy!, Yoo-Hoo! Hallo? interjection Hello! Guten Tag! interjection Good day!, Good afternoon!, How do you do? Servus! interjection Goodbye!, Cheerio!, So long! grüezi hello hallo hello hallöchen hello moin hello Find more words! hello

It is inferred from, Learn how to say hello in German in this video from Babbel HQ. In the following 60 seconds, you won’t only learn “hello,” but also a range of greetings for o…

A post published in, So when you say hello in German in a phone call but the person does not recognize you, instead of saying or writing “it’s Alex” which would be literally translated as “Es ist Alex” in German, you should use “Hier ist Alex”. Hello in German Slang Greetings may completely differ depending on the relationship with the person.

It is learnt from a blog, 1 – Hello in German: Hallo “Hallo” is probably the most commonly used form of saying hello in German. It is a casual way of greeting someone and can be used to greet your friends or say hi to your neighbor. There are some variations of this, like “Hallöchen” or “Huhu”. These should only be used to greet your friends, though.

It is understood from sites like, The most common way of asking how are you in German and also the first one we learn is Wie geht es dir?. Notice that this is not a greeting by itself, but it rather follow a greeting for small talk and to be polite. You can say, for example: Hallo! Wie geht es Ihnen heute? (“Hello! How are you today?”).

Source:, Hallo – “Hello” This is the simplest way to say “hello” in German. It’s a friendly, all-purpose greeting that can be used in pretty much any situation, formal or informal. 2. Guten Tag – “Good day” Guten Tag is the German “hello” that’s best-known to English speakers. It’s slightly formal, but only slightly.


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