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How do you say fun in spanish?

How do you say fun in spanish?

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Rainy Day Fun for Kids and Families

According to, Rainy days don’t have to be dreary. Here are five great ways to keep little ones active and entertained when the weather isn’t cooperating: Cozy up with books: A day spent indoors at home is the perfect time to cozy up with a good book.

Summer fun in full swing at rivers in New Braunfels

According to, New Braunfels city officials say in-demand lodging across the area indicates a busy weekend estimated to generate money for the local economy and fun for families wanting to cool off. Visitors can once again float and raise a cup to the Texas sun.

From source: were singing the song for fun while rehearsing the songs intended for the album when the viability of their recording "I Say a Little Prayer" became apparent…

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From source: Mountain does not appear in Let’s Go to Disneyland Paris! Known as Vamos a Disneyland Paris in Spanish, released in Spain. There is no Spanish version…


According to the source from, fun ( fuhn ) noun 1. (amusement) a. la diversión (F) The summer weather means the fun has just begun!¡El tiempo veraniego significa que la diversión acaba de empezar! 2. (source of amusement) a. divertido (adjective) Mardi Gras in New Orleans is so much fun!¡El Martes de Carnaval en Nueva Orleans es tan divertido! adjective 3. (enjoyable)

Sharing a hint from, Use la diversión to talk about fun by itself. If you’re talking about “fun” in Spanish as its own separate thing or idea, this feminine noun is appropriate. Pronounce it lah dee-ver-see-OHN. Remember that the accent mark over the o indicates you should emphasize that syllable. For example, you might say “Leo por diversión” to mean “I read for fun.”

If you read from, Translate How do you say “fun” in Spanish?. See authoritative translations of How do you say “fun” in Spanish? in Spanish with example sentences and audio pronunciations.

It is inferred from, How to say fun in Spanish Spanish Translation divertido More Spanish words for fun la diversión noun diversion, amusement, entertainment, play, relaxation la alegría noun joy, cheerfulness, happiness, gladness, gaiety la broma noun joke, prank, jest, gag, banter bromear verb joke, banter, jest, play, fool la chirigota noun joke Find more words! fun

A post published in, English Pronunciation of How do you say “fun” in Spanish?. Learn how to pronounce How do you say “fun” in Spanish? in English with video, audio, and syllable-by-syllable spelling from the United States and the United Kingdom.

It is learnt from a blog, Full Playlist:–Watch more Beginner Spanish Lessons videos:…

It is understood from sites like, how fun ( hau fuhn ) phrase 1. (degree to which something is entertaining) a. lo divertido I’d forgotten how fun it is to hang out with Helene.Me había olvidado de lo divertido que es pasar el rato con Helene. b. qué divertido Soon you’ll see how fun it is to cook.Pronto verás qué divertido es cocinar. 2. (exclamation) a. qué divertido

Source:, How to say have fun in Spanish Spanish Translation que te diviertas More Spanish words for have fun tener alegría verb celebrate divertirse verb have fun, enjoy, sport, frolic, have a good time diviértanse have fun pasar bien verb have fun, enjoy diviértete mucho have fun diviertete have fun pasarlo bien have fun divierta have fun diviertete mucho

I had gone through, what do you do for fun ( wuht du yu du fuhr fuhn ) phrase 1. (general) a. qué haces para divertirte (informal) (singular) Your job sounds fascinating. And what do you do for fun?Tu trabajo me parece fascinante. ¿Y qué haces para divertirte? b. cómo te diviertes (informal) (singular) There’s a lot to do in Buenos Aires.

Hinted from, So my brother is studying in Mexico and we’ve started to talk to each other in Spanish but I’m a few years out of my Spanish courses and very rusty. … I’m sure I’ll be back after this but today I just wanted to know the correct way to say “have fun!” and “did you have fun'” thanks all. 90724 views. updated JUN 9, 2008. posted by sarah13. 9 …


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